If your life path isn’t as clear as you would like it to be, I can help.

If you went to see ten different astrologers you would get ten different readings because astrology is ambiguous, esoteric and abstruse. The key is finding an astrologer whose interpretation and communication style matches yours. It is also important to know exactly what you want to get out of your reading

My readings are deep and intuitive. I see patterns in charts. I see planets and aspects dancing to a unique rhythm that is all your own. I will teach you how to read your own chart. I will explain why you do the things you do. I will give you tools to make sound decisions, to support and nurture yourself, and to create the life you desire.

My goal with every astrology reading is to help you find your core, your center, your truth. That is where your answers lie. While I do not have your answers, I do have the ability to guide you as you find them for yourself.

Are you at a crossroads?
Are you looking for your sense of purpose and direction?
Are you ready to take the next step?

Begin your voyage of discovery.