I do astrology readings in Eugene, Oregon – in person, by phone, or over Skype.

To get started, use the form below or email me at pamela@pamelamorgen.com.


New client session (2 to 2 1/2 hours) – $275

What to expect:  First I will make you a cup of tea and we will get to know each other a bit! I will give you a basic introduction to astrology so that when you leave your appointment you have a clear understanding of all we discuss. Then we will dive into an in-depth reading of your birth chart and I will answer any questions you have. (I highly recommend this level of reading for all beginners. If you have never had your chart done before, this is where to start!)

Solar Return session (1 hour) – $125

What to expect:  We will sit down over tea and take a look at what your chart looks like for your next solar cycle (from birthday to birthday) and what the prevailing energies will be.

One-hour check in session – $100

What to expect:  We can discuss anything and look at a variety of charts to help you find the answers you need.


In person: Please arrive 10 minutes early for your reading so we can acclimate to one another, get a cup of tea, and settle in for the journey of discovery.

By phone or Skype: Please be ready for your appointment at least 10 minutes beforehand so you are calm, centered and relaxed. Please be in a quiet, peaceful space where you will not be interrupted for the allotted appointment duration.

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